September 30, 2016

Wow! What a week full of assessments! This week, Mrs. Winn was out of the classroom for two whole days pulling students one at a time to do reading assessments and writing conferences. Students have also been working on their first online math assessment, they took a science i-check about the moon, and they took a district spelling assessment today. Such hard work! I’ve been so impressed with their stamina through it all! I will have all of these assessments when we meet for conferences starting next Thursday.

The students completed their publishing of their Small Moment Narrative stories. On Tuesday we had our first Author’s Celebration. The students go together and shored stories over popcorn. Then, they shared with the class the part of their writing that they were most proud of. When we met for the reading assessments, we looked over those stories, looked at what was going well, and made goals for our next story that we will begin work on next week.

In science, the students have been doing a lot to understand the phases of the moon. We have completed a foldable for our notebooks, done a demonstration in which the students acted as the earth as the moon orbited around them, and completed a diagram for the rotation.

In math, most students completed the chapter one math assessment. As this is the first math assessment they’re taken and the first computer based assessment they’ve taken, the results were a bit rough. The more the students get used to the platform and the multistep problems they will be asked, the more accurate the results will be. So… don’t panic when you see the results! Many students are not yet used to the level of analyzing that they are being asked to do. It will come with time and practice. You can see your student’s results by logging into their Think Central account and clicking on “My Scores.” There are also several resources available in the library section if your student would like an extra challenge or some more practice.

The students were finally able to meet in their book groups this morning to have a weekly book talk. I was impressed with some of the groups. Many students are coming prepared with thinking notes and are focused in on having a real conversation about their reading. A few students are still struggling to remember to bring their agenda and to write in it nightly. Their agenda should be coming back and forth to school each day.

Next week, we start the Global Read Aloud (GRA). It is one of my favorite times of the year. It always promises deep discussion and connections made with classrooms all over the world! If you haven’t returned the App permission form that was sent in the MESH yesterday, please do ASAP. We will be getting our Blogs up and running for the GRA. When we are using Kidblog, the only people that can see our work are people that I approve. Their work will not be public. In addition, I approve all comments made on student’s posts before they are visible. There is no way for inappropriate or unkind posts to be published. This is also true for their blog posts. I approve them before they are posted. So, it’s a very safe platform for us to connect with students globally about this shared reading. I can’t wait for it to start!

Until then… Have a WINNing weekend!


September 23, 2016

This week we used the Chromebooks for the first time. We used them to log into our Google Drive accounts. There, we started typing our small moment narratives. They’re almost published! We also used them to take our first math chapter test. Some students were able to finish, others were not. If they are done, you can log on and see their scores. Ask your student how!

In writer’s workshop we started publishing our stories. We are making covers and titles that hint at the Big Thing that Happened. We are also showing pride in our work by adding our names and showing stamina while working on their cover. Last week, we worked on editing our work. We learned things like how reading your work backwards can help you find misspelled words.

In reading, we are learning about stamina. We began our work by reading short biographies and finding examples of their use of stamina.

In classroom organization news, we finally have our storage carts up and running. Our class is running much more smoothly!

We tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to do a moon log at home. Many people had trouble finding the moon. We discussed in class what we should have seen. We’re now working on a moon phase diagram.

Today, the students were showing so much effort with their story covers, that Mrs. Winn let everyone keep working and we missed our reading meeting for the week. We’ll make sure to do it next week. It just means that we will have more to talk about then.

On Tuesday, our class visited the book fair. Mrs. Winn was so sad when we had to leave her favorite place. Last night was the family night at the book fair. We had several people attend and got some awesome new books for our class! Thanks so much for the support! At the end of the day today, we found out that our class won an extra $15 to spend! We were able to get two more books! A big thanks to the PA for the $115 of new books!

Yesterday, Hend and her sister Mariam gave a presentation to our class and room 20 about the holiday of Eid. They celebrated the holiday last week and then prepared a presentation to share with our classes.

We found out today that there will be a Fall Festival and Walkathon on October 28th from 3:00-7:00pm. We’re so excited for all of the fun! There will also be ┬ásilent auction! More fun was had today when we celebrated Liz’s birthday. Her parents brought in delicious, healthy snacks and a copy of Pax to donate to the class for the Global Read Aloud.

September 9, 2016 – Week 4

We got so much done in our short week!
We’ve been working hard on our writing. This week, we learned the difference between revision and editing. Revision is improving the quality of the writing. Editing is fixing your mistakes (i.e. spelling, grammar, formatting, punctuation, etc.). Then, we began revising our pieces.

In reading, we’ve been learning about how questioning, inferring, and predictions can help us become stronger readers. We used the book Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride for many wonderful examples. We also are continuing our read aloud book of The BFG.

This week, in math, we took our first test, the Mid-Chapter Checkpoint. We learned what our Room 21 test taking procedures are. We also introduced our September Problem of the Month (POM) – Party Time! We worked as a class on level A. Now, the students are working hard to solve level B. The POM will be available all month long as a challenge for early finishers during math. We will review solutions at the end of the month.

In science, we started learning about the sun. We spent a day tracking the sun’s position and another day exploring how shadows change throughout the day. In the end, we learned that the sun rises in the east, moves across the sky, and sets in the west. We also discovered that our shadows change size and direction throughout the day depending on the location of the sun.

This afternoon, we went to the computer lab for the first time. We learned how to log into our Typing Club accounts and got started typing!

Because we missed music on Monday, we got to double up with Room 23 and have music this afternoon. We blew Mrs. Winn away with our crazy hand clapping skills!

In running program, our first few runners earned a charm! Congratulations, runners!

During an activity this week, Mrs. Winn learned that we have some very hungry learners in our room. We are attempting to have a Room 21 snack bin to help out. Students that are hungry may take a nutritious snack to curb their hunger. We are working on being honest and responsible with our decisions and use of the snack bin. So far, the kiddos are pretty excited and aren’t making their most thoughtful choices. As we continue to discuss the consideration of the other learners in our classroom, I’m sure better choices will begin to be made. Mrs. Winn’s pocketbook sure would appreciate some healthy snack donations to the cause! Our fully stocked snack bin is almost completely empty two days into the program.

Next Friday, we have a Staff Learning Day. There’s no school, so we will try our best to remember to write our blog on Thursday. We’ll cross our fingers! Until then, have a WINNing week!

September 2, 2016 – Week 3

What a great week!

In writing, we’ve been nurturing our seed ideas. We started by sketching them out on a timeline. Then, we got our writing partners for the year and and gave each other feedback on our stories so far.┬áToday we started drafting by spreading our timeline out over four pages and turning bullet points into sentences.

In reading, we talked about sensory images and how they help us as readers. Not only can we have mental images while we read, but we can feel, hear, smell, and taste if something is written well. This morning, the students had their first Friday book talk. They were able to see just what was expected of them and can work to improve their agendas next week. For our daily read aloud, we started reading The BFG (one of Mrs. Winn’s favorite books!).

In math, we’re looking at many different strategies for solving addition problems. We’re practicing each of the ways in order to find our favorite. We’ve worked on, place value, the commutative property, associative property, the break apart strategy, and adding on a number line. We also practiced estimation by rounding.

In preparation to start science next week, we started working on our science notebook covers. The students are once again being amazingly creative!

Speaking of creative, the students finished their fall art projects. They look stunning up on the wall. We’re so glad we get to see them all season long!

On Tuesday, we had our second running program. We’re close to earning our first charms. On Thursday, we did our third grade PE rotation. We did a warm up lap. Then, we had stations of jumprope, free play, duck duck goose, and exercise mats. At the end, we did a cool down lap.

On Wednesday, we took our first trip to the Lincoln Library! Now that we’re in third grade, we get to use the computers and the chapter book room!

We’ve been working more on our class jobs and learning how to help take care of our class. Our new mailboxes arrived as well!

On Wednesday, we had picture day. All of the kiddos were looking sharp!

This week, we elected our student council reps and they had their first meeting. Congrats to Liz, Antonio and our alternate, Justine.

It’s been a great week! Here’s to many more. Until then… have a WINNing three day weekend!