May 5, 2017

Just today, we started a new Computer Science unit through Google! We’re using Google-CS to learn some coding skills. We’ll be using our weekly computer lab trips to complete our learning passport.

The students are very excited to get started on our play. The parts were announced and the students are beginning to learn their lines. We can’t wait to start rehearsals!

This week, we started testing on Tuesday. Today was our last day of CAASPP testing! We’re so excited it’s done and celebrated with a bit of free time!

In writing, we completed our opinion unit and celebrated by having our parents come to hear our speeches. The students did an excellent job confidently standing in front of the room and delivering the speeches they worked so hard on. Kudos!

In science, our crayfish are slowly dying off. They are very aggressive and getting in a lot of fights. We have gone from ten to three in a matter of a couple weeks! We are getting some science done with them, though. We’ve been learning about their different structures. We’ve been able to complete a diagram and then locate those structures on an actual crayfish. The class has also studied crayfish behavior by doing different experiments like reaching towards them, giving them hiding places, and adding a crayfish to their tank. Obviously, with the last one, battles ensued.

Last Friday, we went to McClellan Ranch to study the creek. We looked at and identified critters in the river water. We learned that different creatures thrive under different conditions. By knowing what is living in the creek, we can tell how healthy it is. We determined that the creek was of moderate health, not bad, but not great.

We also took a nature walk and learned about the surrounding area and native plants and animals. When we got back, we got to meet Spike, the snake! ON the nature walk, some people saw a lizard, others saw a deer! Some even saw deer scat and thought it was berries! In the river, we found a dead crayfish, so we felt like we were back home in Room 21!

In math, we’re working on fractions (chapter 8), but took some time out to introduce perimeter and area before testing started.