September 1, 2017

Happy Hot Friday!

We’ve had such a busy week again in Room 21! It was wonderful to see so many of you at Back to School Night! If you were unable to make it, I will be sending home a packet of papers and forms for you.

In reading, we’ve been talking more about building a reading life. We’ve learned how to look for patterns in our reading and use those to set goals for ourselves. We’ve also begun to discuss our reading with our new work partners. We interviewed each other to find out their likes, dislikes, and goals surrounding reading. We’ve got some amazing book talks in our future! Keep up the reading and the agenda reading logs at home!

In math, we were interrupted mid week a couple times. We introduced rounding and then we weren’t able to get back to it for a couple days. Rounding caused everyone a bit of a headache. We told everyone not to panic, we’d continue to talk about it. It’s a confusing process. We went back through rounding today. We watched two Khan Academy Videos, discussed rounding more and did some practice on the board and on Khan Academy. Here’s one of the videos and the math challenge.

In writing, we’ve been learning to analyze our writing. We were introduced to the narrative writing checklist and used it to analyze a sample paper. Then, students used the same process to analyze their own work, and create goals for their writing. Today, as a part of this, we talked about how their last writing entry should always be their best entry. If they are applying the lesson to their work each day, and putting in effort towards growth, we should be able to see improvement (although small) in each piece of writing.

In the afternoons, we’ve had many different activities this week. We completed some work with the California regions. The students made group posters to show each region’s special features. We also had running program on one afternoon. We had to miss some of it because we needed to talk about making responsible choices during campus clean up. We also took our first trip to the computer lab! We learned how to use a QR code to log into our school accounts!

On Wednesday, Deputy Hick (our campus resource officer) came and talked to us about bullying and respect. We learned what it means to bully and some strategies to help ourselves and others if we’re being bullied.

Today we met our first grade buddies for the first time! We will be meeting with them every other Friday this year. Today, we just met each other and played games together while getting to know one another.

It was so hot today and it has been declared a “Spare the Air Day.” We probably could have cooked eggs on the blacktop! Because of that, we had an indoor schedule today. We had indoor recess and lunch to beat the heat. Because of that, we met our rainy day monitors. They are upper grade helpers that come to our class each time we have indoor recess. While we were outside, we made sure to stay in the shade.

stay cool


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