September 14, 2017

We got busy with science last week and weren’t able to post on Friday. Here’s what we’ve been up to in Room 21…

In reading, we’ve been learning a lot about how to understand our books. We learned how to give ourselves comprehension checks by stopping and asking ourselves, “Who is in this part? What just happened? and Does this fit with something that already happened or is this new?” We also learned that strong readers envision what is happening in the story. We also notice times that we are collecting information rather than envisioning. Yesterday, we talked about how strong readers also predict while they’re reading. A good prediction is based from evidence in the text and not random.

We started science last week. We are starting with our Structures of Life unit. We started by looking at different fruits and counting the number of seeds found in each. We found that some fruits have only one, while others have hundreds. Then, we looked just at bean pods. We opened them and made a line plot of how many seeds were in each. We found that they were all different, but most had around 6-8. On Monday, we started sprouters. We are now observing our seeds almost daily as they sprout.

Math has been interrupted a lot lately. We introduced our September Problem of the Month called Friends You Can Count On. Our regular curriculum has been working on addition strategies. Next week, we’ll move to subtraction strategies.

Writing is getting exciting! Last week, we wrote our first drafts. Since then, we’ve been learning how to revise our work. We learned how to look at mentor texts and model our writing from that. We also learned how to write different leads to start our stories in interesting ways. Today, we read another mentor text and had more time for revision. We’re really working on adding detail and creating a mental movie for our readers. We also continue to have choice writing at the beginning of every day. This gives us some time for artistic freedom.

Today, we met with our buddies. We did an activity that helped us find things we have in common. Then, we had a short walk and talk to get to know each other even better.

On Monday, we did our first video call. Mrs. Simpson (Mrs. Winn’s sister) is a fourth grade teacher at DeVargas. Her class called ours to interview them for a project that they are working on in class. They want to find a way to create better community in their school.

Last week, Deputy Hick came and talked to us about bike safety. He sure sure made a very serious subject a lot of fun!

When we’re done with this blog, we’ll be doing our first book reviews of the year! We can’t wait to hear about some good books!

We also had student council speeches today and voted. Mrs. Winn will be counting the votes as soon as she can.


2 thoughts on “September 14, 2017

    1. So far we’ve had Magic Tree House: Shadow of the Shark, Calendar Mysteries: November Night, and Rainbow Magic: Juliet and the Valentine Fairy. Looks like the kiddos love to read books from series and we have a lot of mystery lovers!


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