September 22, 2017

Wow what a week! Happy fall!

In reader’s workshop this week we learned about how to give a retell. We looked at the progression from second to fourth grade and identified what makes a good retell. Then, we read and practiced with our partners. We also talked about predictions. Strong readers not only make predictions, but also explain why. Really strong predictions are based on what’s happened in the text, how other stories like this have gone, and empathizing with the characters. Today we practiced having reading conversations with our partners. Our partner conversations should push us into deeper levels of understanding and help us to look at things in a new way.

In science, we’ve been observing four types of seeds as they sprout (germinate). We made small sprouters with a plastic cup and a coffee filter. In groups of four, we experimented with corn, peas, sunflowers, and bush beans. Each day, we observed and recorded the changes we saw. Many of our sprouters began to mold and so we got rid of them. We saved some of the sprouted bush beans and are growing them in a hydroponic tub. We’ll be observing their growth from here. We also did an experiment with lima beans. We weighed them dry and then soaked them over night. We then weighed them wet to find how much water they absorbed. Then, we pealed open the seeds and discovered that the seeds had a small plant already inside of them. The crayfish have arrived!!! We will be introducing ourselves to them next week. For now, they live on the back counter with our bush beans.

We’ve done a lot of art this week! Maddox’s mom came in and did an art lesson with us. She helped us to draw owls. We all got to decorate them however we’d like using oil pastels. Now, we have an amazing parliament of owls (thanks to Mrs. Julie for teaching us that word!) hanging on the wall! She made it so easy for us to produce beautiful art pieces! We’ve also started our seasonal art project! We’re celebrating the first day of fall by creating a fall art piece that we can enjoy for the season. We will hopefully finish those pieces this afternoon.


We had our first visit from Hrishita’s mom for Project Cornerstone. She read us a book all about friendship and then we did an activity that helped us find people in the class that we have things in common with that we might not have already known.

We’ve been busy in writer’s workshop as well! This week we finished up our first stories. We focused on adding paragraphs and the internal story for our final revision lessons. On Wednesday, we chose the part we were the most proud of and did a mini writing celebration. Everyone circled their favorite part of their own writing and we took a gallery walk around the class. We left compliments on post-its as we traveled around the room. We enjoyed reading each other’s pieces! Today, we started writing a new story. We are all the captains of our own stories and so, we’ll be self paced to complete a story in our next 5 writing sessions. 

In math, we’re now working on subtraction strategies. We’ve worked with estimation again. We’ve also learned about using a number line, friendly/compatible numbers, and today we used place value to subtract. We’re finally getting close to our first test! We had a lot of interruptions to our math, but we’re on a roll now!

We can’t believe the week has gone so fast! The students were all impressed with how much we’ve covered this week! Have a WINNing weekend and get some rest! Next week will be even more busy!


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