November 3, 2017

Happy November! We’ve had a really busy couple of weeks.

In writing, we’ve started our informational unit. Before getting started, we took a pre-assessment to find out where we were staring from. Then, we learned about what makes a strong informational piece of writing. We learned about different text structures to organize our writing, like boxes and bullets, problem and solution, pros and cons, compare and contrast, and cause and effect. We learned to start big, and then focus in on the details. After we talked about structure of our table of contents and chapters, we did a flash draft. We are moving into our revisions next week,

In reading, we’re on our second to last week of the Global Read Aloud, reading The Wild Robot. Today, we did a video call with our buddy class in Connecticut after finishing chapter 60. We’re a little bit behind, but will try to finish next week. Before each call, we take time to plan out thoughtful questions that we can ask the other class. We make sure everyone has at least one question to ask. The students are also tweeting on our class Twitter feed and we’ve tried to get more active on our actual Twitter account.  After today’s reading, we focused on our purpose. Roz said in the book that she was meant to help others. We spent time thinking about what each of us are meant to do.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 1.59.42 PM


In math, we completed chapter 2 about data. We reviewed and took our chapter test. We have a few students that still need to complete that and their performance task. Yesterday, we began introducing multiplication by talking about equal groups. We worked with the idea of parts on a car to calculate using equal groups.

In science, we’ve wrapped up and reviewed in a couple ways, including a fun game on Kahoot. All that’s left is our unit test next week. As part of our science unit, we went to McClellan Ranch and learned about the riparian habitat there. We went on a nature walk and learned about the habitat. Then we checked on the water quality by identifying the bugs living in the water. While on our walk, we were lucky to see a fawn in the bushes.

Tuesday was Halloween! Everyone had so much fun dressing up and celebrating.

Wednesday, we had the disaster drill. We talked about what to do during an earthquake. Then we practiced school wide. The students did an awesome job.

We’ve started practicing our play, The Holiday Show. We’ve been practicing our lines and learning the songs. Next week is our last week using scripts! We’re working on putting emotion and expression into what we’re saying (and singing), and with a loud voice.


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